A white paper document will be published on Monday 7th December, in response to London entering Tier 2 restrictions.

BEATGEEK 2020 is a work bubble based event with limited attendance.

In partnership with Aures-London, BEATGEEK is constantly assessing the situation around the COVID-19 pandemic in order to comply complicity with the correct government protocols and World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

Our dedicated management team are working continuously in order to create solutions to many of the complexities and challenges that BEATGEEK brings.

We are fully aware that we can not eradicate any potential virus transmission, but we are extremely confident in being able to mitigate the risk.

Any necessary amendments to the event structure and dates will be communicated over social media channels and attendees by email. As we continue to monitor the situation closely, we strongly encourage individuals who are attending BEATGEEK to refer to the current guidelines and protocols by the UK government.

Below are our plans. If for any reason you require the detailed Risk Assessment document, then please contact us.

  • COVID-19 Ten Point Implementation Plan (TenPIP)
    • 1. Dedicated Wardens.
      Three wardens in high visibility vests to co-ordinate maintain and re-supply the three main areas.
    • 2. Sanitation Stands.
      Vertical freestanding stations with A3 sized information panel. The stands can be viewed here.
    • 3. Sanitation Stand Gel Cleanser.
      5 litre containers with surplus for refills for sanitation stand(s). Can be viewed here.
    • 4. Anti-viral Disinfectant Sprays.
      750 ml sprays supplied across site for all booths and operating surfaces. Can be viewed here.
    • 5. Micro-fibre Cloths.
      High-grade micro fibre cloths for use with anti-viral sprays across all operating surfaces/equipment after ‘each’ use. Can be viewed here.
    • 6. Thermo Temperature Checkers.
      Contactless temperature checks prior to entry into indoor venue space. Can be viewed here
    • 7. Fogging Machine Station.
      Mobile station for use across site for periodic dry mist fogging for additional sanitisation. Can be viewed here.
    • 8. Floor Guidance Markings.
      Various floor tiles and tape for ground markings and guidance. Can be viewed here.
    • 9. Track & Trace.
      All attendees that have registered for the main venue, trade booths and/or competitions are documented and confirmed/tagged on arrival.
    • 10. Facemasks.
      All attendees from Point 9 will receive a complimentary facemask with filters from the facemask issue stations. Can be viewed here.
  • Four Cornerstones
    Social Distancing

    • Crowd Density Standard (CDS)
    By controlling the density, appropriate social distancing can occur by consideration of both the number of people and potential pinch points to determine the number of people in that area. Groups are no larger than six people on positioned tables ‘indoors’ and allocated areas ‘outdoors’.
    • Registration
    By providing means to minimise queuing and contact during the entry process. Online registration will be via Eventbrite and the use of mobile and digital technologies can facilitate seamless and contactless access upon entry and exit and enable contact tracing. Additionally, sanitised silicon wristbands will be issued to all that have registered and been thermo temperature checked.
    • Staggered Admission
    Show organisers provide the ability to facilitate visitors’ attendance during a designated time slot in order to evenly spread the attendance to allow adherence to social distancing guidelines and minimise contacts. Controls over the maximum number of visitors can also be set.
    • Floor Planning
    Solutions such as one-way visitor traffic could create a logical flow through venues. This can prevent bottlenecks in addition to cross walking, keeping social distancing guidelines at all times. Event floors can be demarcated to communicate the monitored flow. Link tunnel aisle widths could also be increased/managed to achieve above the CDS standard if required.
    • Travel
    All travel to and from the event will follow the CDS where required.
    • Set Up & Break Down
    In addition to the Risk/Hazard Assessment below, the provision of enhanced guidelines to assist ‘all’ in the set up and break down of the event to follow social distancing, hygiene and cleaning guidance. Covering items such as production/exhibitor freight, personnel, shared equipment, appropriate protective clothing and high touch point areas, these measures can be provided in detail to minimise risk where it would be beneficial.
    • Food & Beverage
    Neighbouring catering partners will look to provide food served pre-ordered and pre-packaged in closed containers. Beverages will be ordered at delivered to tables. Where possible, food and beverage should be ordered in advance and delivered by event staff to the CDS seating/table area.
    Cleaning & Hygiene

    • Venue Enhanced Cleaning
    Before and after event deep clean and fogging deployed.
    • Cleaning Regime
    A visible, enhanced and regular cleaning regime will be deployed. Wardens will provide exhibitors with regular cleaning supplies and venue site cleaners are offered protective clothing on a risk-assessed basis. There will be an increased focus on key touch points, including restrooms, food and beverage areas and exhibitor areas.
    • Stand/Booth Cleaning
    Exhibitors can clean their respective stand/booth regularly throughout the event, including after each use of equipment. Ideally, the distribution of any physical promotional material should be digitally.
    • Hand Sanitiser Stations
    Hand sanitiser stations will be positioned at key locations throughout the event, including restrooms, food and beverage locations.
    • Waste Mangement
    The collection and removal of waste receptacles can be increased during events in order to minimise risk if required. Specific waste bins for filters from the provided facemasks will also be provided and clearly identified.
    • Event Environment Controls
    Ensuring that the proper ventilation, temperature, humidity, UV air purification controls are maintained. Event shows/demonstrations can be delayed in order to achieve the optimum environmental control.
    Protect & Detect

    • Contact Tracing
    NHS Test and Trace are supporting the opening up of the economy following the COVID-19 outbreak. The event will use data collected from Eventbrite registrations with first and second names supported by email addresses. All registrations for the event will be signed off on arrival and thermo temperature tested prior to venue entry. The database will contain limited information that will both protect individuals in respect to data protection and have a register of those that actually attended.
    • Facenasks
    Taking into account the CDS, it will be recommended that each person wear the provided facemask protection when inside the venue.
    • Separation Screens
    Where it is deemed that separation screens need to be erected, for example, the reception area and/or trading stands/booths – will be implemented if the CDS could be compromised.
    • Emergency Response Plans
    Due to the central location of the event, event teams on-site will follow government advice in relation to cleaning after a suspected case. The guidelines for this procedure can be found here.

    • Online
    Information will be regularly updated on this website and social media channels if the situation changes, in accordance to Government announcements.
    • Event Signage
    Common knowledge signage and guidance will be visible and procured by recognised providers, as per the TenPIP.
    • Public Addresses
    During the event, there is the capability to communicate site wide over loudspeaker from microphones which is also described below in the Risk Hazard Assessment.

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